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Image showcasing the transition from Google Analytics 3, also called Universal Analytics, to Google Analytics 4, the new and latest version. Image by by 3rd Eye Consulting located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

google analytics 4What happens if you don’t migrate to GA4 now?

  • You will lose valuable time getting familiar with Google Analytics 4’s new features and hacks.
  • You will lose critical historical data for a Year-On-Year growth comparison for your company.

GA4 MIGRATIONHow is GA4 better than UA?

Google Analytics 4 is built for the future of business intelligence.

It weaves together a more cohesive user journey across devices to give you a single view of the customer.

Cross-Platform Analysis

You can analyse your customer’s journey across multiple platforms.

Predictive Analytics

Leverage Machine Learning and Statistical Modelling for robust business forecasting.

Unified Customer Journey

Make informed marketing decisions with a single-view of your customer journey.

Marketing Insights

GA4 outlines data trends for your business to help you identify opportunities.

google analytics 4

Key differences between Google Analytics 4 and Universal Analytics

  • Data Limits
  • Sampling
  • BigQuery Integration
  • Advanced analysis UI
  • Product Integrations
  • Streaming Intraday Reporting

Universal Analytics

  • 10 Mn. hits per month per property
  • Over 500K sessions
  • Google Ads, Search Console, Optimize
  • > 24 hours

Google Analytics 4

  • Free unlimited upto 500 unique events
  • No Sampling
  • over 10 Mn. events
  • Google Ads, Search Console, Google Ad Manager/DFP (App only), Firebase
  • > 8 hours

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