About You


We know you. There are only a few reasons why managers of internet properties visit us. One of them is our to-the-point content on the website, which respects their time and provides immediate and precise solutions to the visitors. Besides, it is also great for SEO.

You have internet properties and apps using Google Technologies for analytics and advertising, and you want to make these implementations impeccable and use the measurement effectively to impact your business.

You could also be here if you want to move your existing GA3 implementation to GA4 or GA4 360 implementation and buy the license for GA4.

There is also a good likelihood that you are here to use our expertise with DV 360 since we offer this without any minimum spend requirements.

Measurement of your web properties

We have a slew of acronyms which we want to share with you (read impress you :-)). This is once we are sure you are measuring all the action that takes place on your web properties perfectly!

Yes. This is the heart of the matter, and each and every action that you are going to take for your marketing and analysis as well as reporting to yourself and the management team who will determine the budget is dependent on this. We will get this right for you, whether you are upgrading to GA4 or it is a fresh installation.

Measurement includes setting up GTM (Google Tag Manager), setting up pixels and floodlights, configuring the right event for your property, and setting up enhanced e-commerce so that you know exactly what is performing and what is not on your e-commerce store and more…

You are looking for holistic measurements of events on your web and app properties to improve the business and effectiveness of your advertisements. Our team has years of experience in Google Analytics and has effectively implemented GA4 in multiple properties. This experience will guide you in decision-making or can assist you in seamlessly implementing analytics across your properties.

Analysis | Querying | Reporting | Dashboards

We have clubbed your mission-critical outcomes under one heading. Analysis, complex queries, reporting, and dashboarding all fall under one singular objective, which is, to ask questions about your data so that you get actionable information.

Either you have had an effective analytics setup with GA3, or you are looking for one with GA4.

With the shift in GA4 from the earlier paradigm of hits and sessions, we can explore how we can make you see your data in a way that you can comprehend and act based on the user interaction within your internet properties.

We are quite likely to know what matters for your business. With our years of experience, we would have come across something similar to your business, irrespective of its uniqueness.

This means we will come with experience in using connectors, extracting data and connecting different pieces of data to build you a warehouse. We will use the correct schema for ease of retrieval and context-driven analysis.

A dashboard designed on top of a context-driven data warehouse, allows users to get their answers or analysis and even reports with a few clicks. This saves lots of frustrating times with struggling spreadsheets to get your solution. It also ends the multiple versions of truth with spreadsheets spread across the organization, purportedly with the same information.


Effectively using your data

There are some ways which make using your data effective. We know you want to have flexible access to your data.

  • Export data to a marketing platform or enterprise software where your team would like to use it effectively
  • Connect to platforms for live updates of data
  • Using algorithms for predicting the most likely result (how a target variable will perform) out of your data
  • Freedom to ask questions from where you can get an answer with a couple of clicks for reasons or numbers. For example, would you like to compare data for the Eid period for the last three years? Or do you want to check the effectiveness of the same campaign for a different month of the current and the previous year?
  • Effectively keeping your first-party data secured, reusable and updated for your marketing campaigns.