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We’re 3rd Eye Consulting.

We help you navigate through
marketing and business problems by
breaking down data.

    You have problems? We have solutions!

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    Here is a list of some of the most common problems faced by top marketers of this region.

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    Through measurement, attribution and analysis,
    we tell you more about unexplored opportunities
    and problems waiting to be solved.

    Services we offer:

    • Google Analytics 4 Migration
    • GA4 & Firebase Implementation
    • Google Analytics Audit
    • Segmentation Program
    • Feature Attribution
    • Channel Attribution
    This image shows how 3rd Eye Consulting, the agency can help brands uncover new opportunities through measurement, attribution and data analysis. Image concept by by 3rd Eye Consulting located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    02Business Intelligence & Insights

    Marketing Analytics has evolved over the years.
    Through Cloud Platforms, we enable enterprises
    to create meaningful experiences for their
    customers in real-time.

    Services we offer:

    • Data Pipelines
    • Data Warehousing
    • BigQuery Consulting
    • Lifetime Value Prediction
    • Recommendation Engine
    • Lead Scoring
    • Predictive Modelling
    • Google Cloud Platform License
    The image demonstrates 3rd Eye Consulting's expertise in enabling enterprises with creating meaningful experiences for their customers in real-time through Cloud platforms like Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Snowflake, MIcrosoft Azure and other similar platforms. Image concept by by 3rd Eye Consulting located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates


    Leverage precision marketing at scale through
    platforms like Google DV360, Amazon DSP and more,
    to reach relevant customers across geographies.

    Services we offer:

    • Performance Marketing
    • Amazon Marketing
    • Programmatic Advertising


    Create paying customers out of window shoppers
    and swell your bottomline with data-backed
    conversion-driven experiences.

    Services we offer:

    • Conversion Rate Optimization
    • Experience Uplift
    • UX/UI Audit
    • Digital UX Design
    This image demonstrates 3rd Eye Consulting, the agency's expertise in conversion rate optimization, User Experience Improvement & Design, Product Psychology and A/B testing experimentation to help brands boost their conversion rate and improve user experience on their website or app. Image concept by by 3rd Eye Consulting located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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