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Internet Facing Analytics


Derive business insights & improve your rOI with analytics

With over a decade of experience and a team of certified analytics experts, we can drive action with data on your web and app analytics.

What we do?

Over the years, we have developed solutions that can help you
approach and resolve marketing problems with speed and agility.

ANALYTICSAccurate measurement

We take pride in ensuring impeccable accuracy in measurement. We achieve this through any platform your enterprise currently deploys.

ANALYTICSBig Data? No Problem!

Volume, Velocity, and Speed.
Any industry, no problem. We have effortlessly managed data generating over a whopping 1 billion rows a week!

ANALYTICSSeamless Integrations

Get a holistic view of your business through seamless integrations.

Integrate & warehouse your data from sources like you ERP, CRM, CMS, marketing platforms and analytics.

Need help choosing the right solution?

Walk me through your business needs & I will suggest an apt solution for you.

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Key Advantages for you

Smart Dashboards

Our team is known to provide smart and responsive dashboards that answer questions for you within a few clicks.

Data - Ready, set, go.

Once the database is cleansed and all setup, it’s ready for predictive and prescriptive analytics.

Swift Reporting

We know that speed is key when it comes to dashboards and reports. So we ensure that your requests are met swiftly on request.


With our dynamic dashboards you can do away with sheets & stop exporting your data manually.

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