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Advanced Analytics


Accelerate your business with advanced analytics

Leverage the power of Machine Learning for predictive analytics and custom solutions.

Solutions You Can Instantly Deploy

Over the years, we have developed solutions that can help you resolve marketing problems with speed and agility.

01Lifetime Value Prediction

Based on historical data, we can provide you with a model that allows you to predict lifetime value of your customers to drive long-term impact.

02Feature Attribution

This solution helps you to know which feature impacts the customer journey so you can take design decisions to improve conversion rate.

03Channel Attribution

We help you understanding where your users are coming from. This will enable you to determine specific channels driving your business goals.

04Lead Scoring

Now you can rank your leads based on how customers have interacted with your website or application, before prospecting.

05Recommendation Engine

Serve your customers with the content they like, prefer and engage with, through our recommendation engine.

06ML-Driven Segmentation

Create smart segmentation strategies to know your customers better through advanced Machine-Learning algorithms.

07NPS Analysis

Gather and analyse responses from your customers, vendors, and your team to take decisive actions for the organisation.

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Advanced Analytics

Powerful Advanced Analytics Can Answer simple questions

  • How was my sales period this EID compared to the last 3 years?
  • How can I compare campaign performance across different creatives?
  • Is there a correlation between performance during weekends and holidays?
  • Is there a correlation between campaign performance on Google and Amazon?
  • Can I personalise my website for shoppers who’ve browsed my site on the same day?
  • What time of the day does my site traffic peak during Ramadan vs. Rest of the year?

We can help you get answers to these and more such questions!

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