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Engagement Models


Engagement Models

Each business problem demands a different solution. To help you address them, we have four distinct engagement models.

Choose Your Preferred
Engagement Model

Select or browse through the following most popular
engagement models we offer.

Best for you if:

  • Your project is objective, definite and measurable.
  • Your project is time-bound.
Example: Implementing Google Analytics 4 with enhanced eCommerce within 3 months.

Best for you if:

  • Your project requires different skills and areas of expertise.
  • Your project requires always-on support and service, not just time-bound.
  • Your project needs you to be ready for any technical eventuality.
Example: Programmatic ad campaign management to promote car launches across quarters.

Best for you if:

  • Your proposition requires a specific skill & expertise within your company.
  • The requirement is always-on.
Example: Weekly/Monthly BigQuery reporting to the team for real-time predictive modelling.

Custom Model

If you need a tailor-made engagement model.

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