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About Us


Who Are We?

We’re 3rd Eye Consulting.

The name stands for our ability to uncover insights & reveal
business truths to grow and nurture your brand.

We begin each endeavour with a keen spirit of inquiry and curiosity.
We see with two eyes and uncover with the third.

Our Journey

3rd Eye Consulting had its roots grounded in the year 2008.

Over the years, our team has served some of the most prominent businesses across South East Asia in the field of data analytics, paid media, cloud and conversion rate optimization.

Take a look at our journey…

Core Team

Gurpreet Singh

Founder & CEO

With over 20 years of Sales, Marketing & Strategy experience, Gurpreet spearheads 3rd Eye’s vision of enabling Insights and Decision making for its clients, with relentless focus on Quality and Professional Delivery.

Sarjak Patel

Head of Delivery & Account Management

With 12+ years of strong experience driving growth for some of South-East Asia’s biggest names, Sarjak drives Optimization of Processes to a whole new level.

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