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Need Assistance with Google Analytics

You would have probably heard that Google has chosen to deprecate GA3, the older version of Google Analytics, by July 2023.

Free Consulting

Irrespective of the amount you have researched on the internet, you would have some questions, and we are here to solve these challenges.

You can get on a call for free consulting with us which will allow you to make some decisions which are critical for you.

Some of the questions we can answer for you:

  • Do I need a paid version of GA4?
  • How will I handle the current information stored in GA3?
  • What happens to my logic of monitoring like hits and sessions?
  • What is the cost of a license of GA4, and how is the cost computed?
  • Can I implement GA4 on my own as I did for GA3?
  • What are the key differences between GA4 and GA4 360?
  • How does this upgrade impact my marketing campaigns?

We can write a great essay in response to all these questions, but we do not miss any chance to provide value to you and to get to know you better.

Let us get on a call, and we will answer all your questions. No strings attached.

Detailed Audit Report

We can do a detailed Audit of your properties, whether they are apps or websites and provide you with a comprehensive, actionable report. We will rank your implementation against the best industry practices and let you choose to move ahead.

These reports can take anywhere between a couple of days to more than a week.

Implement GA4

We quickly and effectively implement GA4. If this is what you need, we can do this for you irrespective of the business you are in. From banking to e-commerce, we have seen different user journeys and would be able to delight you.

On a standard internet-facing property like an e-commerce website, we will take 4-6 weeks for a complete implementation, including enhanced e-commerce.

While we can give you the approximate cost here, we would like to discuss and share our rates. Excellent Service is built to fit like a tailored suit. We promise to share how much this will cost you in the first call or the second email.

Fix a GA4 implementation

There would be scenarios where you may have attempted to implement GA4 and GTM and are not getting the desired report for action in terms of marketing, changes in product and attributions. Also, you may experience loss of data or lose the user as they move on to different devices.

If you have not implemented GTM (Google Tag Manager) before or are not using it, this is a piece of technology you cannot do without. You have to implement GTM accurately to make the rest of your analytics journey seamless.

Advanced programmatic campaign.

There are campaigns, and there are campaigns. There are platforms, and there are platforms. There are paths and climbs, funnels and tunnels, creatives and copy, and there is more of this and more of that.

We are focused on Programmatic campaigns using DV 360 (Display and Video 360). This is what we know, and this is what we do…very well.

The programmatic platforms are suitable for long-term engagement and our experts can run campaigns which really make a difference:

Our campaign styles include:

Always present and reminding style, for brick and mortar stores.
Intrigue and Invite – Promotions, coupons and new product launch
Hyperlocal campaigns for franchises or local stores.

DV 360 (Display and Video 360)

DV 360 is a programmatic platform from Google. It has advanced targeting capabilities with more than 75 ad exchanges to access within the platform. This gives the platform to reach every corner of the internet with your advertisement.

From hyperlocal to global branding campaigns, our team is equipped to run any campaign on this platform.

Our team has run intense campaigns for top CPG, Banking, Ed-tech, e-commerce and airline for branding and performance.

What does DV360 provide you?
  • 70+ Ad-exchanges built into the platform. From AppNexus to Rubicon and more.
  • Built-in audiences from Google, including in-market audiences and flexibility to create a target set out of multiple sets of audiences
  • Private deals and Programmatic guaranteed deals. Running your advertisements on only the inventory that matters by doing a direct deal with the publishers through DV 360
  • Native creatives allow you to customize your creative based on your requirements.
  • Display on any surface you would like to target from Gmail, youtube, display to any unique private surface like Truecaller.

DV 360 and us, provide transparent reports to manage your cost and monitor the performance

Campaign Manager:

We use Google Campaign Manager 360 (CM 360) for serving advertisements and managing your campaign.

It is tightly integrated with DV 360 and GA and will allow all to view a complete user journey.

The campaign manager is an effective platform allowing you to monitor your ad performance across platforms.

One can use floodlights from CM 360 to monitor the performance of advertisements on any platform.

Advanced Analytics:

ETL – Consolidation of data.

We have expertise in ETL. We can connect to various data sources and create a warehouse based on the type of data and structure, which makes it the most effective way to query data.

Our strength is in connecting Google Analytics and data from an advertising platform with your core transaction data which could reside in your CRM or ERP.

A typical example would be to connect a user from GA who had a journey with your internet-facing property to your CRM data in a platform like SalesForce and Magento for your transactions.

This strength does not come from using and knowing diverse connectors, it is our capability to understand and effectively use advanced API that is required to connect platforms.


We know the pros and cons of using effective data warehousing schemas. Whether it is a need for Star Schema, SnowFlake, Galaxy Schema or Star Cluster we choose the right method. Depending on the rate of change in dimensions and aggregation of matrices, we will build a data warehouse which can be queried for your business requirements.

Typically, a well-designed data warehouse can solve all your reporting, dashboard and visual analytics problems.

If it is an intense ML/AI problem which you need to solve, we can build a data lake which can include diverse data types and the velocity of data ingestion is very high. The data lake can use some data from your MDM platform and bring in the transaction data at high speed from any source.

We can also make a datamart which is typically a subset of the data warehouse for a particular business purpose, for example, inventory optimization datamart could be used for a single objective of optimizing inventory only.

We can build an effective architecture for your needs based on your long and short-term goals.

Advanced Reporting and Dashboarding

One of the key outcomes of effectively implementing GA4 is to give you advance reports and dashboards. One also gets data for activation, which can be directly transferred to the marketing platform. Still, one cannot deny the importance and critical need for analysis that uses the marketer’s mind on the data.

  • Was my sale during the Eid period over the last three years show the same levels of spikes
  • Can I compare the increase in traffic over the three times I have campaigned with a particular creative?
  • Can I compare the performance of a campaign during the holiday season and at weekends?
  • Can I drill down to the product which made the most significant impact last weekend?
  • Which products sell the most on the first weekend of the month?
  • How do my visitors re-purchase a product they have chosen earlier? Is it through search, navigation or history?

There are many questions, and as internet-facing companies, one cannot go to the data analyst for each answer. The Product Manager and/or the marketer needs the answer right now, and these have to be available in a well-designed dashboard.

This is the purpose of a good dashboard, having answers to the questions you did not have earlier.

With our understanding of analytics and its implementation in various industries, we can create a dashboard with advanced time-series and drill-down / drill-through features with flexible filters that will allow you to answer any questions impacting critical aspects of your internet-facing business.

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