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Business Models


We align our business models to your requirements and needs. Some of the models which we are mentioning here have been part of the offering in the technology industry for a long time. We have some uniqueness in these as we operate on a tech-group basis.

For example, if you have a business model which needs diverse skills like Cloud management, Google Analytics, predictive modeling and Dashboard using unique platforms, we can still charge you at a fixed hourly rate irrespective of the diversity of the skills, provided we have a long term engagement.

The skills available with our team are diverse and we see business models as mediums to ease the transaction process.

Most popular business models:

  • Project-based: When we know what is expected in the outcome of the work, and that is the key, if all parties involved know what will be the final outcome and can define the specifications, this is the best model to work n our view. For example, implementing Google Analytics with enhanced e-commerce can be a project
  • Monthly Retainer: When you need some work from diverse skill-sets, this is a model that will be most valuable. While we provide diverse skills, it will predominantly be from the Google stack.
    1. Need diverse skills
    2. Not sure of what will be required in the coming week
    3. Want to be ready for any tech eventuality
    4. Want support as well as solutions
  • Single Skill (FTE) – When you need an expert to be associated with you as a part of the team, the most popular model will be to keep one of our team members as a Full-time Employee/participant (FTE) in your team. The team member will have a single skill, for example, GA and GTM implementation or Big Query or Reporting and they will be available as per your working hours.
  • A combination of business models is also possible if your business requirements are along these lines

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