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About Us – OLD


The Company

We are an internet-facing analytics company.

As an off-shoot of a Web Analytics and Martech company which has been operational since 2008, we are a young company committed to meeting the digital measurement and marketing needs of Enterprises in the Middle East and Africa region.

The company has development centres in Dubai and India.

Our understanding of the internet-facing side of your business is our core strength.

Whether banking, Insurance, e-commerce, news and publishing, media or a B2B portal, our team has implemented web analytics and set up Martech platforms for the industry.

We are a one-stop solution for your Martech needs, whether it is a license for Google Analytics or activation of a complex hyperlocal marketing campaign.

Here is a list of the key services we can delight you with. We do not use the word delight lightly here. We mean each and every word in the way the dictionary defines it, and you expect it.

Yes, we can do more than this, since we know data warehousing, python, javascript, web analytics, data science, cloud management and advertising.

Last, but by no means least, WE LISTEN TO YOU!

The History

The mentor organization, Tatvic Analytics, was incorporated in 2008 with a focus on Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics. It was based out of India and grew to implement the analytics of the largest private sector banks, OTT platforms, news publishers and biggest e-commerce companies.

By 2012, it was one of the largest web analytics service providers in India. At this point, the company chose to expand to provide services for advanced analytics for internet-based marketing. The products offered across the industry included lead ranking, a content recommendation engine and a predictive algorithm for creating cohorts of leads/visitors who were likely to respond to the marketing impetus in a similar fashion.

In 2019 the company expanded to the MENA region with the incorporation of Datahash DMCC. The company offered services and products and expanded the platforms to include Meta (Facebook). The Product to circumvent the challenge arising out of deprecating third-party cookies was much appreciated around the world.

In 2022, as part of a broader strategy, the service business was spun into a separate company. THAT IS US. We are a services company with a focus on providing clear value-adds throughout the customer journey. And we love Data, as so often Data hides more than it reveals. Uncovering those hidden aspects for you and activating insights to enable solid decision-making is what we – 3rd Eye Analytics, are into.

The Promise

We will do what we know very well, dictated by the needs and desires of our customers – We will Listen to you. We will strive harder, each time, to keep our promise. Our commitment will remain to keep evolvingwhat we know very well and keep expanding our understanding of our customers.

My commitment is to delight the customer and provide my team with direction so that they can do this on a day-to-day basis. I commit to stand by this statement in every action I take.

My commitment is to map our capability in terms of the ability to understand the business of the customer and technology stack to offer a solution which is simple and easy to assimilate into the existing system. I also promise to keep our solutions, proposals and communication designed to take the least amount of our customer’s time to process and share.

My commitment is to keep my customers with me in my journey with them as we implement the solution. We keep our customers constantly updated, involved and excited to be a part of the journey with us, and I measure our accomplishments and their sharing this journey with us as a privilege, one filled with sheer joy..

Contact US

🕴️ For business inquiries, reach out to us at mekha@3rdeye.ae

🙋 For general inquiries, drop us a line at contact@3rdeye.ae

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